Okay I have been on hiatus for the simple reason of life being taken over by school and work and holiday fun! Now it is back to the routine of no sleep, homework, and wasted time on the internet. Why not put that internet time to use!

Holiday fun means winter, and everybody knows that with winter comes dry skin, dry hair, & dry lips.
Here are a few of my favorite products to take control of all those problems!

 Vaseline Dry Skin Conditioning Lotion
this is my ultimate favorite unscented body lotion. although it is simple and cheap, it does what it needs to by instantly nourishing and giving moisture to dry, itchy skin. i use it day and night, and see results with consistent use. consistent use is a must with any product that you are using to restore healthy skin, hair, lips, or anything else!

Bali Mango body lotion
Bath & Body Works always has the best scented lotions, creams and soaps with new seasonal favorites that I always fall in love with. in the summer, i was obsessed with the apricot vanilla scent and this season it is bali mango. this cream leaves you feeling soft and moisturized and leaves a fresh amazing scent.

Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer
this face lotion is oil free, and contains an ance-fighting ingredient that has been proven! it is great for all over coverage, leaving dry skin fresh with a cool feeling. i use it morning and night and with consistent use, i see results!

Maybelline Baby Lips
this is the only chapstick i use now. i am completely obsessed. i have two already with hopes to buy every flavor. quenched and peppermint are the two clear options, and the rest leave a sheer color coat.my personal favorite is peach kiss. with once use, i fell in love. it instantly gives your lips a smooth, soft feeling them, leaving them shiny, with a great scent. i cannot get enough of this adorable, cheap, perfect chapstick!

 Moroccan Oil Hair Care
this hair care line is perfect for hair that is feeling the effects of winter! it has been recommended by my lovely hair stylist friend, Natalie Jonas, who is my personal go-to on all things beauty – whether it be product, or style.
check out her blog – http://stylemesmashing.tumblr.com/
back to the hair care line – it is great for brittle, dry, processed hair. the product restores hair by bathing it in a highly concentrated formula rich in antioxidant argan oil, reconstructive keratin and fatty acids, which also help to restore elasticity, moisture and manageability. the oil in the product seals the cuticle, which also helps with split ends. the scent is fresh and light which is a bonus!

hopefully these products find their way into your hands & you can combat this gross cold weather with  soft skin, shiny hair, and smooth, healthy lips!

sorry for the looooong break but i am back! xoxo.


nude lip tips

like a lot of girls out there right now, maybe you, maybe not, i am obsessed with the nude lip look. i have been told that it looks good, it doesn’t look good, i shouldnt do it, i should do it, the list goes on. regardless of all the feedback, i like it. maybe that’s because i am quite pale and feel like it looks a little better. i am sure it is just a phase, but for now, i love it. i go through different stages of how i achieve this look and here a few great ways!

the first is just your foundation on your lips, which doesnt always last, but leaves a good base coat.

frou by mac is a great pink take on the nude lip

YSL has this perfect nude lipstick called sweet honey. perfect. gimme.

at a simple $1, this color – nostalgic – by elf, is a great choice

lastly, Dior Abricot Cuticle cream. it seems crazy, but it creates a perfect peach lip
Emily Maynard from NBC’s Bachelor does this!

if any of you have some good products or ideas, let me know! enjoy! xx.

a girl can never have too much

since breaking my habit of biting my nails, i have kept them painted almost every day for the past 4 months. i have become obsessed with colors, feature nails, designs, and sparkles. i fully believe that a girl can never have too much nail polish & that is why my nail polish bin is now overflowing! so here are a few of my recent faves by essie, which all run for about 8 dollars. overpriced? yes, but just so hard to resist:


tart deco


mini how high

photo cred:


talk with your hands? perfect.

if you talk with your hands and have lots to say, this is perfect for you! such a fun idea for a manicure!

1 – put on nail polish and let dry, a pale pink or tan perhaps, although any pastel color would look lovely
2 – dip fingernail in rubbing alcohol
3 – press a strip of newspaper big enough to cover the whole nail on to your alcohol soaked nail
4 – pull off slowly and be really impressed with yourself
5- paint top coat if desired