spending addiction

okay ladies, i know i am not alone in this when i say that i have a problem… i cant stand to see something i like in a store, and not buy it.. i always tell myself i am on a spending freeze and then that cute cardigan at H&M calls my name, or those accessories and boots just make me pull out that bank card. it’s so bad that i have been told that a friend just shops through me now, she doesn’t even have to shop, i do it enough for the both of us! i sense an addiction…first step is admitting you have a problem right?

part of it is that i tell myself i deserve it. where the heck do i get that idea from? let me tell you. two jobs, five classes, and a diminishing social life. that’s where that idea comes from. not only do i barely see my boyfriend – bless his heart – but i barely see my mom.. and i live at home.. anyways, i convince myself that i deserve these things and end up with no money for bills and an over abundant closet. that being said, i have snagged a few great finds in the past month or so, and i am here to share my favorite of them all with you!

we all know that Wilfred cardigan that everyone wants or has. it runs for a whopping 95 dollars at aritizia.

all my poor ladies out there, you are in luck… i picked up this cozy, classic cardigan at Bootlegger for 49 dollars! they have so many colors, and you cannot even tell the sweater from the Wilfred one. you are welcome. now go! before they sell out!

more great finds to come, shop on addicts, shop on!

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