nude lip tips

like a lot of girls out there right now, maybe you, maybe not, i am obsessed with the nude lip look. i have been told that it looks good, it doesn’t look good, i shouldnt do it, i should do it, the list goes on. regardless of all the feedback, i like it. maybe that’s because i am quite pale and feel like it looks a little better. i am sure it is just a phase, but for now, i love it. i go through different stages of how i achieve this look and here a few great ways!

the first is just your foundation on your lips, which doesnt always last, but leaves a good base coat.

frou by mac is a great pink take on the nude lip

YSL has this perfect nude lipstick called sweet honey. perfect. gimme.

at a simple $1, this color – nostalgic – by elf, is a great choice

lastly, Dior Abricot Cuticle cream. it seems crazy, but it creates a perfect peach lip
Emily Maynard from NBC’s Bachelor does this!

if any of you have some good products or ideas, let me know! enjoy! xx.


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